You can download your Android Diamond Card App here. Click on the Android Icon below to start the download and follow the instructions.

Download App
Click to download the android APK file



  1. Access this page on your mobile device browser.
  2. Download the Application.
  3. Open and install the app. — Please note: You have to enable or Allow 3rd Party App Installations from Unknown Sources in your settings on you phone.
  4. After installation, Open the FarmersBank App and Login with your credentials.



  1. Login to your banking account on any browser. Go to: http://online.farmersbank.co.sz
  2. Go to Personal Page, click on NFC POS and click on Add
  3. Enter your Business Name and click on Save
  4. Go to the NFC POS page. Click on the Business Name to edit.
  5. Click the Activation Code button and confirm the popup message. An Activation Code will be displayed at the top.
  6. Login to the Farmersbank Mobile App.
  7. Click on the Gear icon in the top left corner to go to app settings.
  8. Click on the Button: Assign POS.
  9. Enter the activation code you received earlier (nr5) and click on the Assign POS button.
  10. Log out of the app (top right).
  11. The new Launch POS button will now be displayed.



NFC Contactless Cards (Diamond Cards & Farmersbank Cards)

  1. To receive a payment. Login to the Farmersbank Mobile POS App.
  2. Select Payment from the main screen:

3. Select NFC Contactless
4. Enable your NFC
5. Swipe a Card

> >

6. Enter the amount and description of goods sold.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: support@farmersbank.co.sz