Prepaid Puts You in Charge

With the Diamond Prepaid Card, you get a convenient way to manage your money on a prepaid card that is packed with features.




Features Designed with You in Mind

Created with your specific cash-on-demand needs, this card can be used for both Debit and Credit transactions

Accepted by Participating Stores

A reloadable prepaid card with the convenience, freedom, and control you need. E-mail us for a full list of participating stores.

Load Your Card

Need to load your Prepaid Card? Take your pick. Transfer money directly to your Prepaid Diamond Card from your PayPal account or load your Card at participating retailers.

Convenient and Easy

Getting a Prepaid Card is easy, with no credit check or bank account required. Use your prepaid card to shop online or at retail stores.

Send Money

Transfer money seamlessly. Send and receive money from family, friends, or anyone on the Diamond Card Network!



Order your Diamond Card now and receive it within 14 business days.


    • No credit check.
    • No minimum balance.
    • No activation fee.
    • No fixed banking costs.
    • Start your application now. It takes just 10 minutes!



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